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INSANITY: Max Interval Circuit

First Circuit. + Last Round. = Awesomeness! Duration : 0:3:38 Technorati Tags: Awesomeness, circuit, duration, insanity., Interval, interval circuit, OpBQk

Insanity Max interval sports training

My first attempt at this. This is the gymnastics part… legs were shaking by the time I made it to V push ups!!!!! Duration : 0:9:35 Technorati Tags: attempt, duration, gymnastics, insanity., Interval, PUSH-UPS, Time, Ups, v push, youtube

P90X Transformation

My results from 2 rounds of P90X. Started at 257 pounds and am currently right around 200. Got any questions? Feel free to ask me. Duration : 0:2:37 Technorati Tags: duration, Feel, Got, Right, Transformation, youtube

INSANITY, Rd 2, Day 50 – “MAX Interval Circuit”

Difficulty breathing again…but pushed through…and those who’ve been asking for updated photos…watch this video. Duration : 0:3:59 Technorati Tags: circuit, duration, idZE, insanity., Interval, interval circuit, Max, photos, video duration

P90X body transformation

starting in september of 2009 and 5 phases of p90x (fell off the waggon around christmas and restarted the program) and ending the program in April of 2010. This program demands a lot of time and discipline, but it was worth it! I would have never expected results like this from a set of 12 [...]

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