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Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day! Lose weight, feel energized, and improve digestion simply by drinking one glass of Shakeology daily. To order Shakeology please visit HTTP://WWW.SHAKEOLOGY.COM/REEDMAN Duration : 0:1:54 Technorati Tags: digestion, glass, lose, Shakeology, Weight

Me and Tony Horton doing pike presses on his Sunday Beachworkout in CA!

I’m VERY wobbly in the beginning, but I finally get “it” after a moment. It was my first attempt at every doing something like that! Thanks Tony for your help! XOXO Duration : 0:0:38 Technorati Tags: attempt, beginning, FBHyNF, help, VERY

Insanity Max Interval Plyo-2-4-2010

Max Interval Plyo Done! Duration : 0:7:50 Technorati Tags: Done, duration, Fcr, Plyo, youtube

Shaun T

Shaun T Working out on TV. Preview Insanity workout and tips. Duration : 0:6:38 Technorati Tags: duration, insanity., preview, PYoHk, youtube

Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout – Episode #4

Kelsi Guidry of reviews the Insanity Cardio workout program by Beachbody. This 60 day program is for people who are already in shape and are ready to get insane results for $145. Duration : 0:8:53 Technorati Tags: Beachbody, cardio, insanity., shape, workout

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