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Fat Kid Proof Plus 30 Days Of Shakeology

Find Shakeology recipes and stop waiting for that “perfect” moment – Create your own at today! Duration : 0:3:59 Technorati Tags: fat, Kid, moment, Plus, TsDH

Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer

The secret behind my 10-Minute Training system is my breakthrough Super Stacking Techniqueâ„¢ using resistance bands. I combined the most effective moves I know into each 10-minute workout. Here’s how it works: instead of starting with your cardio, then working your different body parts one at a time like most long workouts, I stack them, [...]

Insanity – Max Interval Plyo

This is a clip from the month 2 Insanity workout – Max Interval Plyometrics. Insanity is a 60 day at home workout system that is NOT FOR BEGINNERS! It will force you to take your fitness to a whole new level. You’ll push harder than you’ve ever done in your life and with that, you’ll [...]

Shaun T with his new Insanity workout on the Tyra Banks show.flv

Watch Shaun T as he works out to his new Insanity workout program. you can buy this at Duration : 0:6:38 Technorati Tags: fitnessbodyonline, flv, gOV, program, watch

Insanity Workout Day 58 Update

This is -10 lbs overall Toning: YES! Sculpting: YES Mood: tired You can watch this series about it to see what I think of it and to see my results. If you have any questions, feel free to comment/email me or whatnot. Duration : 0:2:7 Technorati Tags: insanity., Series, toning, update, whatnot

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