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I want to start a business, but how do I decide what business is right for me?

I am a single mom to a seven month old. I have been staying home with him but now find that I need to start generating my own money. I have a degree in Graphic Design just acquired in February last year and am a mural artist as well. I have been toying with the [...]

What is the difference between baseball and softball?

I’ve gone to my younger sister’s softball games and my little cousin’s baseball games. The only difference I could see was the ball for softball is bigger and the baseball team was all male, whilst the softball was all-female. There really isn’t a visible difference to me, though. Can someone help me out, here? Softball [...]

What is the best family hotel in Williamsburg, Virginia?

I am taking my family of 5 on vacation to Williamsburg & need to find a hotel that’s family oriented with indoor pool ,but also close to everything,(busch gardens, watercountry, williamsburg, jamestown & yorktown). Also, maybe hotel with breakfast buffet or close to other restaurants. You might want to stay at two different hotels. We [...]

I want to start a business. But what kind of business i should go on with?

I am 21 years old. I have a ambition of starting my own business. To take a first step into business world, i would like to start something small. But, i am looking for more ideas so that i can choose best out of it. So, i just need your help. Do you have any [...]

What is the best website for ranking fantasy baseball players overall and by position?

I’ve seen a few sites and question there baseball knowledge. And then there’s the basics, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, CBSSportsline, etc. But is there a site out there that focuses strictly on fantasy baseball and nothing else? Maybe one that provides updated rankings throught the season with insights as to how each player is affected by [...]

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