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Practicing Good Baseball Habits: How many is too many?

I am very proud of what the boys accomplished, but I can’t say that I don’t have some conflicting feelings about the amount of games these boys are playing[...] Posted via web from coachdanhuff’s posterous Technorati Tags: amount, coachdanhuff, Habits, Practicing, web

Fat Daddy Rants: Motivations – Neglecting Ben

This week’s exercise has been the most demanding and draining of any I have done in the 16 + weeks of the Fat Daddy Reduction Express. I increased my lunchtime walks to[...] Posted via web from coachdanhuff’s posterous Technorati Tags: exercise, Express, fat, Neglecting, web

Simple & FREE No Effort Technique To Get The Body Of Your Dreams With No Harmful Side Effects!

Sound Too Good To Be True? Do me a favor and share it on Twitter by clicking the little green button over there —————>   Technorati Tags: beach body, body, button, dreams, effort, favor, free, green button, Harmful, harmful side effects, Insanity Workout, P90X, side, Simple, Sound, Team Beachbody, Technique, twitter

Well Done Uncle Sam…

Yet another stellar job by Uncle Sam… The Cash For Clunkers Program. Not only did we manage to blow the entire $3 BILLION budget on the program in the blink of an eye. We also managed to help everyone EXCEPT AMERICA! Sure, of the Top 10 Most Purchased Cars in the program Ford had 2 [...]

Complete Randomness of the Day

What you always wanted to know about Coach Dan Huff, but were afraid to ask… Complete Randomness 08-26-2009 Uploaded by baseballstrength Technorati Tags: baseballstrength, beach body, Coach, Day, huff, Insanity Workout, P90X, Randomness, Team Beachbody, Uploaded

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