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Hell Month in THE ASYLUM

Hell Month in THE ASYLUM By Steve Edwards  Even if you never played football, you’ve probably heard the term Hell Week. This is generally the first official week of football practice, which takes place before the start of school so the coaches can put the hammer down and not have to worry about whether or [...]

Milkology 101

If you’re adding milk to your daily dose of Shakeology, you might be aware of milk’s benefits, but unaware of the added fat and calories. We’ll give you the skinny on all things milk. If you’d like to ask a question or comment on this newsletter article, just email us at Technorati Tags: article, [...]

How to Trick Yourself into Eating Healthy Food

By Denis Faye In a perfect world, countries would stop fighting, cars would emit rose-scented oxygen, and broccoli would taste like chocolate cake. Sadly, that’s not the case. But there’s always hope. Beachbody® may not be able to stop wars or global warming (yet), but we can certainly give you a few tips on getting [...]

Business Leader Spotlight

Carolina Gutnisky, Business Leader, Shakeology® What attracted you to Beachbody®? I started at Beachbody in November, 2008, and was attracted to the company for a number of reasons. I liked that it was in the health and fitness industry, that the products really worked, and they weren’t “get-thin-quick” gimmicks. Beachbody was fast-growing and entrepreneurial—a place [...]

Jimmy Hays Nelson: Embracing the Hispanic Community

By Network writer Howard Shapiro  Jimmy’s introduction to the Hispanic community came at a Team Beachbody event. “I met someone who was bilingual at a Tony Horton event,” he recalls. “They had crazy–good results with the business and it helped me to start thinking globally.” Jimmy is one of thousands of Coaches who will benefit [...]

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