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Shaun T Insanity Full Commercial Pt 2

Shaun T uses a technique he created and calls Max Interval Training. Instead of working out at a steady pace for longer periods of time and then maxing out for short periods of time, Shaun keeps you working out at your max for long periods and only gives short periods of rest. It is like this, when you run you typically jog for a few miles and then maybe the last quarter mile you decide to sprint and max out the end of your workout. What Shaun Ts system does is teaches you how it is possible to sprint the first few miles exerting the maximum output and then has you warm down the last quarter mile to seal in the results. The Max Interval Training is opposite of the typical workout routine, but that is why the Insanity Workout can be so successful in such a short amount of time.

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25 Responses

  1. AgonysRose :

    @Nautilus987 I …
    @Nautilus987 I found mine on ebay for 76 dollars, the complete set. Sof if you’re willing to research around you can find some deals on it.

  2. 133RAst :

    I’m on week 3 and I …
    I’m on week 3 and I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I was sick for a few days,and jumped right back into it on Monday. I’m a little tired given the fever and stuff, but I’m shocked at how far I’ve come. Shaun you are an inspiration! Looking forward to see what I’m going to look like and be able to wear when I’m done. <3 Shaun

  3. uberpwner2010 :

    best workout!!im in …
    best workout!!im in 4 week and i lost 8kg!!!its amaizing…..i love this i will do this 4 months!!shaun t is a legend!

  4. myself36 :

    i’m only on week 3 …
    i’m only on week 3 and i see a big difference!!

  5. TheKillerM00SE :

    hands down best …
    hands down best workout

  6. BrownstownMr :

    this is THE program …
    this is THE program people…i was sketch at first too on it, but i bought it, im doing it, and its INCREDIBLE,,,,not only are the results unreal, but you feel soooo much better with doing insanity, shaun T is the man

  7. BrownstownMr :

    worth every penny, …
    worth every penny, not even a question

  8. Nautilus987 :

    @tatzoetae I …
    @tatzoetae I Bought it, you were right!!

  9. DreadlockDrummer :

    why do people hate …
    why do people hate sit ups and crunches so much? i like them, i also like insanity, but i still like sit ups

  10. sabbelt :

    does anyone know …
    does anyone know where they sell this dvd accept online???

  11. tatzoetae :

    i’m gettin good …
    i’m gettin good results ive been on the program for 6 days and i’m feeling great

  12. Nautilus987 :

    cool, did you get …
    cool, did you get nice results? how long have you been on the program?

  13. tatzoetae :


  14. Nautilus987 :

    do you have it?
    do you have it?

  15. tatzoetae :

    its worth it
    its worth it

  16. Nautilus987 :

    150 dollars? yeah …
    150 dollars? yeah right!

  17. krepd1 :

    I’m a 45 year-old …
    I’m a 45 year-old mother of 5. I have been doing Insanity for a week. I LOVE it! It is HARD, but don’t quit! I would recommend workout to anyone. Thanks Shaun T!

  18. DreadlockDrummer :

    lol good old …
    lol good old misleading advertising

  19. oscarnodiaz :

    Same. How you …
    Same. How you finding it?

  20. PiscesGirl147 :

    oh im 16 and i also …
    oh im 16 and i also wanna try this and i run cross country as well lol

  21. BerenEvy :

    omg i love shaun t …
    omg i love shaun t i started doing hip hop abs but this is nothing compare to that this is 10 times harder now i do hip hop abs like nothing i dont even sweat loli love insanity =)eventhough it leaves me ohh so super sore.

  22. ahhhpushiit :

    why do you want …
    why do you want strangers to know you’re desperate and horny?

  23. Emmanuel12325 :

    I am only 15 and I …
    I am only 15 and I am going to try this for real!!!

  24. Emmanuel12325 :


  25. xbesercx21 :

    wow… im 17 and im …
    wow… im 17 and im about to try this… and the only sport i run is cross country… this is gonna be hard.

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