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Shaun T REEL

Promotional Reel

Duration : 0:4:16

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  1. klimaxxx06 :

    Who cares if he’s a …
    Who cares if he’s a queen..his work outs are great

  2. mattshaw8 :

    what a douche
    what a douche

  3. MissLovelyKiera :

    I was wondering the …
    I was wondering the same. I think he is thougt

  4. izzymohh :

    amaizing fitness …
    amaizing fitness trainer wow great workout

  5. Crisaigner :

    he’s gay and a …
    he’s gay and a total douchebag

  6. totaljett :

    59:00 to 1:01 …
    59:00 to 1:01 cements that gay theory. Who cares though but he’s a great trainer. Suprised no one else has mention he resembles and sounds a little like Will Smith.

  7. totaljett :

    Yeah, I figured …
    Yeah, I figured that out from the hip hop abs infomercial.

  8. stoptalkinsmack :

    shaun t is sexy!
    shaun t is sexy!

  9. Jaraviyana :

    hey how long does …
    hey how long does it take for people to start seeing result???…i have only been doing it for a week now, but I feel good, i actually feel better than before..but thats just working out for ya anyway….thanks for posting this by the way!…????

  10. verul123 :

    okay. thanks for …
    okay. thanks for the info.

  11. DarkMario1000 :

    Shaun T is …
    Shaun T is definetely gay. And that’s not even my opinion….well, half and half. But there was some kind of news report that confirmed that Shaun T was 100% gay. No lies here.

  12. verul123 :

    is he gay?
    is he gay?

  13. LilFoof :

    you may pay 4 times …
    you may pay 4 times that you normally would for a regular workout video, but what you get on the disk is equivalent to what I seem to see on 2-4 videos added together. Plus, if you don’t purchase this I’m sure you will end up spending this equal amount of money if not more on buying and trying workout videos that you won’t like and will barely use anyway. You will get your money’s worth out of it I promise.

  14. LilFoof :

    Shaun T. changed my …
    Shaun T. changed my life.

  15. thebirdistheworddd :

    tilt tuck and …
    tilt tuck and tighten!

    it works!! :)

  16. baller24ize :

    I know exactly what …
    I know exactly what you mean, haha, well I do it myself but i love it

  17. apso0ka :

    haterz press ALT+F4 …
    haterz press ALT+F4 and get tha f*** off this page

  18. apso0ka :

    shut up vv
    shut up vv

  19. deshicool :


  20. pinkmp35 :

    how much time has …
    how much time has she been using it 4????=)

  21. dateagleschickt :

    yes be cuz my mom …
    yes be cuz my mom bough one used and she lost up to 11 pounds

  22. pinkmp35 :

    does it work?????
    does it work?????

  23. torndreams :

    i loooooooove shaun …
    i loooooooove shaun T!

    my friend n i are ALWAYS hip hop abbing!!!


    tilt tuck and tighten those thighs!

  24. lindianarch :

    I started doing Hip …
    I started doing Hip Hop Abs at home and had to stop it cause I wasn’t staying alone at all and hated it when someones watching me doing it.. grr.. It felt so good when I was working out with the vids but it;s still kinda hard to believe that this really works.. I read from you ladies that it does.. I have to tighten a little..

  25. anthonykeithjohnson3 :

    Yes he is,
    Yes he is,

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